One of the best events one could ever experience is travelling, which is even better if you’re with a group, be it with family or friends. There are many places a group could visit, such as the UK.

Travelling in the UK is always a good experience because it’s pretty enjoyable to tour around the UK’s beautiful cities, towns, and countryside. There are also plenty of traditional landmarks and famous tourist spots that can be visited.

This article lists down helpful tips to make your group tour in the UK more efficient and enjoyable. Read on below to get started.

#1 – Pick a Schedule That Works for Everyone

Before even thinking of going on a UK tour, it’s essential to pick a schedule that suits everyone. For example, you could assign some dates to spend time together as a group, while some should be individual times.

You should also decide on the number of days everyone could take off from work or school. Among the most practical schedules to choose from would be a week-long trip.

#2 – Agree on a Budget

Once a schedule has been agreed upon, it’s time to discuss the budget. The budget is the money that everyone could stick to when planning their spending.

To figure out the budget, you should think of how much each person might end up spending and then round it off to the nearest 1000. By doing so, the responsibility of budgeting would be equally shared among everyone.

#3 – Nominate a Group Leader

It’s much easier for everyone to stay in line if a group leader is designated. The group leader’s job is to make sure that everyone behaves appropriately and sticks to the schedule.

It’s also vital for the leader to check the documents and itinerary that everyone needs to bring. For example, the leader could gather the passports and ensure everyone has UK travel insurance.

#4 – Research the Area

One of the essential steps of preparing for the trip is researching the area. You can do this by browsing the internet or reading travel guides. You should especially note places you could visit together as a group.

The best part is that you could make a list of the places you think everyone should go to. The list could include restaurants and places of interest.

#5 – Organise an Itinerary

Once you’ve decided which places to visit, it’s time to organise an itinerary. The itinerary should list the places you’ll see in an orderly manner. This way, everyone would know when their next trip would be. You can also copy the itinerary for each person so that everyone stays up to speed.

#6 – Book the Trip

The next thing you should do is book the trip. You can do this by making a reservation for a hotel or any other accommodation. You could also book the flight tickets and make a reservation for a train, or even a bus. By securing the trip in advance, you could choose the best seats or rooms by booking the trip in advance. You could also get reasonable discounted prices on the tickets and accommodation.

#7 – Establish an Activity Level

While on the trip, it would be best if everyone could establish an activity level. For example, the level could consist of the number of activities everyone can handle.

The activity level is vital because it would help everyone know how much free time they have between the activities. It would also allow everyone to rest or even time to shop. The level could also be helpful when deciding where to eat. For example, a group with a high activity level would need to eat at a quick-service restaurant. In contrast, a group with a low activity level would be better matched with a casual-service restaurant.

#8 – Enjoy the Trip

After all these preparations, you should do what you want to do while on the trip. For example, you could visit the places you’ve researched or grab a meal at a restaurant you’ve planned. You could even visit places you didn’t know about. Everything is up to you, so make the most out of it.


A group tour in the UK is a great experience, especially if everyone’s on the same page. There are also many exciting and interesting places to visit in the UK, so it’s worth checking out. To start planning for the trip, make use of the tips above.

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