Planning a wedding often starts long before the actual wedding date. Some people need a year to plan and get things done down to the smallest detail, like the colour of napkins at the reception. Numerous women even start to get ideas of how they want their wedding to be as they grow up! There’s a lot of detail to go through, even if there’s already a wedding planner.

Guests Make All the Difference

When it comes to both the wedding ceremony proper and reception, no element matters more than the guests. If they arrive late or don’t make it even if they RSVP’d, that can really affect how your big day goes. If even a single guest misses out, that’s absolutely no fun.

However, there are several circumstances that could very well be unavoidable that can range from:

  • Guests getting lost trying to find the venue
  • Personal matters leading to problems travelling
  • Transportation breakdowns or issues in general

Thankfully, you don’t have to fret when making sure guests are on time and safe. All you have to do is get a reliable shuttle service on your wedding day! Your wedding will, without a doubt, become the talk of the town all year if you treat your guests to this great advantage.

Read on for the top reasons why you should get a minibus so you can transport your wedding guests worry-free:

Guests Won’t Be Left To Figure Things Out

On your long list of wedding details, chances are the transportation of your guests is either low or not there at all. It could seem a little extra, but anyone that’s either from out of town/city/state or has transportation challenges will appreciate this entirely.

This will be great for getting your guests to be less stressed and more likely to have the best time. They can dance, drink and celebrate without worrying about things like parking or traffic as time goes by. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about tipsy guests getting home safely.

Luxury Amenities Will Make Guests Feel Special

A minibus can already set the vibe for the celebrations of the big day. You can request for a specific playlist on the entertainment system of the minibus and provide champagne or wine as well. Depending on the rental, it may be possible to have a slideshow of your pre-nuptial photos or other images/videos related to you and your spouse-to-be playing on the monitors.

Coordinate with the company you’ll be renting from, especially if it’s quite the drive. Ask about things like wifi, reclining seats and more.

You Can Save A Lot On Costs

While there are likely other options for transporting guests, it can get expensive quickly. Especially when there are dozens of them to consider. A personal minibus will take the cost per head down, which adds up to awesome savings.


Wedding guests are a key factor for both the ceremony and the wedding. Transporting them doesn’t have to be stressful if it’s done with a minibus! Advantages include saving on costs, luxury amenities for guests to feel special and guests not being left to figure things out.

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