Whenever a company has a corporate event, the employees would have to bring their own vehicle to the venue or flag a rideshare app to get to their destination. There is nothing wrong with that; however, such an act may end up delaying the event as the event organisers may need to wait for everyone to arrive and settle in before the program can even begin.

The good thing is that they may instead hire or rent a minibus so that everyone can just simply ride towards the venue, without one employee ever getting left behind, thus, avoiding the delays.

In such a case, hiring a minibus for a corporate event isn’t really that complicated, but the organisers need to consider a few things that will make the process hassle-free. Below are just a few examples.

1. The Minibus Capacity.

One of the most important things that an event planner needs to consider is the minibus’ capacity. It will have at least one driver, but there are a lot of people that will be riding along with them. The event planners should know the actual number of attendants for the event. If not, then they can pre-arrange with the driver.

The good news is that some minibus hire services can provide vehicles that can accommodate anywhere from 8 to even 53 people.

2. The Budget.

Another important thing that the event planners need to consider is the budget. Corporate events are expensive, so it is essential to determine how much they want to spend on their event. This includes arranging the venue, the catering, the entertainment, and even the transportation.

They will have to estimate their expenses, or they will end up paying more than what they should have.

3. The Minibus Type.

The third thing that the event planners need to consider is the type of minibus that they will hire for their event. There are different types available in the market today. The event planners can choose from a Bond’s, which is mostly chosen by chauffeur companies, to a Mercedes-Benz.

They must also consider the length of the vehicle, as there are different variants available in the market. They may also need to plan the route as well, as sometimes, they may need a vehicle that can take them through narrow roads, while in other cases, they can go for one that can easily go through wider roads.

4. The Minibus Location.

Where is your event taking place? Is it at a venue near your company? Or is it much farther? Will the minibus be able to make it?

The event planners must choose a minibus that can make it to the event’s venue without any hassle. They must also consider the means of transportation from the venue to the hotel. 

Oftentimes, what happens is that the event planners will hire a vehicle for the celebration. However, it is at a location that is way too far from the hotel, making it almost impossible for them to get there.

5. The Minibus Cleaning.

After the event is over, the event planners will have to clean the minibus. Otherwise, it will end up dirty and smelly. They can do the clean up themselves or hire a cleaning service to do it.

Additionally, the event planners need to consider the decals and the colour of the minibus. If possible, they should get the colours and decals of the company that will be using the minibus. Doing so will make it easier for the event planners to match the program’s overall theme.


Corporate events are important parts of the business. They help build its brand or establish it as a high-end venture. They may also help in boosting the morale of the employees. For all these reasons, it is crucial to get everything right, including the transportation of the employees and the guests.

The truth is that there is nothing wrong with hiring a minibus just for the corporate event, but the event planners will have to consider a lot of things before they can successfully hire one that would work best for the gathering.

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