Public transportation is great for everyday travel, but if you’re going on an extended trip or need to transport many people or baggage, it’s not the best option.

Minibuses are an excellent alternative for larger groups. They’re comfortable and inexpensive, making them perfect for long road trips or events.

The following are some of the reasons why you should charter a minibus for a family vacation:


1. Environmentally-Friendly


Minibuses are more environmentally friendly than cars or taxis because they use less fuel per person. This means fewer greenhouse gases are emitted into the atmosphere, and fewer fossil fuels are consumed.

All other types of transportation, including airlines and private vehicles, have more carbon footprints than minibuses. So by choosing to travel by minibus, you’re doing your bit to help make the world cleaner and greener.


2. Make Group Trips Easier


Have you ever tried organising a family road trip? If you have, you know that getting everyone to agree on the route and time can be a real challenge.

Minibuses allow families to go on trips together without any unnecessary arguments and without having to wait for anyone.

With all the seats occupied, there’s room for everyone and all their baggage, and the trip will be more enjoyable for everyone involved.


3. Take Charge of Your Travel Plans


There are set routes and stations for public transportation like buses. To organise your other travel plans around the path travelled by the kind of public transportation you’ve selected, you’ll have to be flexible. 

Access to areas that aren’t well-served by public transportation will be a lot easier thanks to this method. Additionally, you can make as many stops as you like or take last-minute detours to a must-see destination that someone has just recalled!


4. Much More Secure


Even in the safest of countries, public transport can be dangerous. Not only are you putting yourself at risk by using public transport, but you’re also putting your children at risk of being hurt or taken against their will.

Minibuses are a significant improvement in public transport. They have better security and are safer for your children. You’re also unlikely to be targeted by pickpockets or scam artists.


5. Travel with Privacy


A minibus ride means you won’t have to share the space with anyone other than your immediate family. Even for a short time, being around other passengers can be challenging. Minibuses let you travel with people you already know without having to make any changes to your plans. 


6. Hire a Professional Driver


When you rent a minibus, it usually comes with a driver. This means you don’t have to drive and can relax and enjoy the ride. Drivers familiar with the area you’re visiting can show you the best routes, restaurants, and sights to see, making your trip even more enjoyable.


7. Provides Entertainment


Minibuses are often equipped with televisions, speakers, and entertainment systems to make the time pass quicker. Family-friendly movies and music can be streamed and played at any time. It is possible to access the internet, watch a live game, or browse Netflix while riding in a minibus with a TV connected to the internet.


8. It’s a Good Deal


With a minibus hire, you can save much money on transportation costs, especially if you have a large family. When you factor in the ticket cost, buses, flights, and taxis can be expensive. By renting a minibus, you can get a sizeable private vehicle for a fraction of the price. Plus, you’ll save money by not having to take a cab to the beach or the store.


9. No Shortening of Plans in Any Way, Shape or Form


When using public transportation, you must plan your day around departure and arrival times. Otherwise, you might miss out on the fun of your trip. With a minibus, you won’t have to worry about missing your bus or flight. Since you have your ride booked, you can add extra stops to your itinerary without setting an allowance for travel time.


If you’re looking to go on a road trip with your family, you should consider hiring a minibus. It’s a great way to create memorable experiences and have fun while travelling.

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