Finding reliable transportation when you travel frequently can be daunting. When you travel with a group, there may be pressure to choose between a minibus and a van. Though minibuses are commonly used for smaller-scale company outings, sporting events, and school and church outings, why choose a minibus over a van? If you want to learn the answer to this question, then we’ve got just the thing for you. Here are six notable reasons why the minibus is the best option for travelling for small groups/.

They Can Fit More Passengers

If you’re travelling with a group of people, you may be tempted to opt to travel in a van. However, this would be a mistake. Vans tend to be less spacious than minibuses because of their differing size. Vans accommodate 12 to 15 passengers, but several minibuses can hold up to 35. 

They Can Store More Items

Minibuses feature overhead storage bins, allowing passengers to carry items in the bus that they may not have been able to fit in a minivan. Minibuses also typically have room under the seats for storage, but there is no comparison in storage space

They Are Much Safer

Minibuses and vans are both used as public-transportation vehicles, but minibuses are safer than vans because of their construction differences. Minibuses have dual rear wheels and sidewall cage construction for safety reasons. Dual rear wheels help prevent rollovers, and steel cage construction protects passengers in case of accidents.

They Are More Spacious

From their ergonomically reclined bucket seats, passengers in minibuses enjoy a much more relaxing ride than any other vehicle. Adjustable seat backs and built-in armrests ensure maximum comfort in minibuses, while their high ceiling and aisleless design make it far easier to move around compared to the very tight quarters of vans.

The comfort offered by a minibus will be appreciated by riders in situations such as rush hour traffic or when attending large events. When commuting to sporting events, for example, it is best to utilize a minibus to provide a better travelling experience than one would find when driving.

They Come with Better Passenger Accesibility

Minibuses are also easier to board because they have a lower mini entry step. Generally, the steps of a van are 22 inches high, but the mini entry step of a minibus is only 11.5 inches. The mini entry steps for minibuses are also equipped with handles for entry assistance, making it easier for older and disabled passengers to board.

They Have More Amenities

Minibuses often feature a larger number of amenities than standard-sized vans, such as air conditioning, WiFi, large seats, and flat-screen televisions. These amenities make minibuses perfect for shuttling wedding guests, transporting a work team to an offsite event, or even providing transportation to corporate conventions.


We hope this article proves to be useful when it comes to helping you see the benefits of travelling in a minibus. As you can see, minibuses are perfect if you’re looking for the most comfortable and accessible way to travel. Be sure to keep everything we’ve discussed here in mind when planning for your next trip.

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