For anyone looking for a great way to get around Coventry, hiring a minibus is by far the best option you have. It’s the ideal way to see and appreciate all the sites and destinations, letting the driver take care of all your travel needs.  This is especially true for theatre enthusiasts—whether it be for a comedy show or a classic musical. They say there’s a theatre production for anyone and the variety of productions that have shown up in Coventry is a great way to find out.  With so many destination theatres just here in Coventry, it’s high time we take a look at all the options you have for your minibus tour of the area. 

Criterion Theatre

Criterion theatre is what you might call a community-run affair. It’s privately owned by its members and operations are completely taken care of by volunteers. This community-driven approach has allowed it to prosper in Coventry and musicians, theatre performers, and others all visit the theatre regularly.  The Criterion is not merely a performing venue. The theatre runs its own Youth Theatre program which frequently puts on shows for the community. They even offer workshops for developing artists, making this a great start to your tour. 

Belgrade Theatre

No shortage of live performances for Belgrade Theatre. Built in 1958, the Belgrade Theatre consists of a main theatre and an auditorium, each capable of seating 800 and 275 people, respectively.  As far as theatres go, this one is a frequently visited one, playing host to a multitude of family performances like Fantastic Mr. Fox, female-focused productions like The Dreamboys, and even tributes like Money or Nothing. You can find this theatre in Belgrade Square, Coventry. 

Albany Theatre

Located in Butts Lane, Coventry, Albany Theatre has undergone many renovations throughout the years. It started its life as a theatre called the Great Hall, and it catered mostly to lectures. Things would change during the war when it would become the go-to for entertainment and morale-boosting.  It would stay this way with many performances happening in the theatre until 2009. In 2013 it would be reopened with a new name and develop a reputation for hosting productions from both professional and non-professional groups.  

Warwick Arts Theatre

The Warwick Arts Theatre is unique in that it gives more attention to visual performances, whether as a cinematic or theatric experience. This makes it a great place for all ages, with productions of varying genres that most individuals will find a time that’s perfect for them to visit. Examples of productions that have previously been held here are Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, and The Tiger That Came to Tea. Individuals who enjoy music can have a good time at this theatre as well. The Shires and Jools Holland have both played here in the past, and it’s only a matter of time until the list of past acts grows long. This theatre is located inside the campus of Warwick University. 


The bottom line here is that there’s a lot you can enjoy in Coventry, more so for fans of theatre and the arts. It’s a lively place that’s fit for tourists and full of sites that people of all ages can enjoy. Make the most out of your trip by taking your hands off the wheel and letting someone else do the driving for you. 

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