One of the best ways to make memorable memories is to travel with loved ones and friends. The only drawback is that if one of you is the designated driver, it might not be an enjoyable experience. 

When people are meant to be travelling for fun, not everyone wants to be required to drive. In situations like this, renting a minibus and driver can be your best option. 

Driving, getting lost or your designated driver getting too weary and needing a break are not issues you need to worry about when you have a qualified driver at your disposal who can get you where you need to go.  

There’s more! You can discover how much convenient it is by reading the top reasons to rent a minibus and driver rather than driving below.

When Do People Hire Drivers and Minibuses?

There are countless situations in which people can choose to hire a car and a driver to transport them. Here are the most widely used instances:

  • Airport shuttles 
  • Wedding celebrations
  • Hen/stag gatherings
  • Corporate events and gatherings
  • Beach vacations 
  • Funeral transport

As you can see, many circumstances necessitate hiring a minibus and driver. Whether travelling for business or pleasure, you may unwind and rest while being transported to your destination.

How Long Can a Minibus and Driver Be Hired For?

This primarily relies on the provider you choose and the initial reason you required the minibus. Most businesses won’t allow you to keep the driver and the car overnight, but you can typically reserve them for many days in succession. You can plan your journey and research travel schedules thanks to this.

You will typically have the driver drop you off and pick you up at a prearranged time later in the evening in situations like hen and stag parties. The return time is typically highly flexible, allowing you to continue celebrating your impending marriage well into the night.

Ask how long you can utilize their services upfront before renting your car and driver.

How to Pick the Best Minibus Provider?

When choosing a minibus provider, there are a few things to keep an eye out for. All vehicles should have their tax, insurance and MOT and function well. 

Additionally, your driver needs to be fully licensed with no more than three points on their record. Most importantly, you should choose a business with positive customer feedback and a stellar reputation.

Travel as a Group

Together, you all depart and arrive. With a minibus, everyone you care about can board and enjoy the ride. You can share your enthusiasm the entire way if you can travel together. Additionally, it eliminates any waiting hours that might have occurred if everyone had arrived separately.

It lowers the cost of travel for each individual. This enables you to split the cost and travel for less than you would have otherwise. 

A minibus also emits less carbon dioxide than a group of people travelling separately. This implies that by choosing to share a vehicle, you are also helping the environment.


You might have never travelled better than when you hired a minibus and driver. Why not take the burden off and delegate the task of going from point A to point B to someone else? We all deserve a little downtime. It makes much sense from an economic, time and environmental perspective. Additionally, it keeps your gathering better organized. You may expect a smooth and stress-free experience as long as you select a respectable and trustworthy firm for your travel requirements.

Lime Minibus Hire is an affordable day trip minibus hire. We are eager to be of assistance and make sure that you and your party arrive at your desired location in style. Give us a call today!