When organising school trips, sporting events for the year, business offsites, or even planning a trip with friends, you must get a coach hire you can trust. As you’re looking for a good coach company, it’s essential to consider safety, punctuality, and affordability. Additionally, when booking for celebrations or memory-making moments such as weddings, theatre trips, or sports events with friends, you must be sure the timing and communication are precise. Here are some tips on what to consider before booking a coach hire.

Go through a Broker

A coach hire broker can be a good choice, but you should know a few things before using one.

  • Coach hire brokers work around an online booking system. You fill in an online form with your travel details and then send it to the broker’s coach operators. Then, they’ll send a shortlist of the most competitive quotes.
  • Once you make a selection, you pay the total fee upfront, and the broker confirms your booking with the coach operator. If you use an independent coach company, they will ask for a deposit and then invoice the remainder of the fee once your journey is complete.

For some people, this method is preferable: pay upfront, book your trip, and forget it. However, remain mindful—the coach company does not honour your booking, and you will lose the full fee and not just the deposit.

Here are helpful online coach hire tips:

  • Google the broker’s photo database. If they have a website, search their fleet to see whether they have the vehicle you sighted in your quote. 
  • If they use a local partner coach hire company, ask them whether they have the vehicle you want. 
  • Contact the broker or partner coach hire company (if possible) to confirm that they have the vehicle you want.

Mind the Distance

Start with a local search for a coach hire. Coach companies factor the cost of gas and travel time into their quotes, so it’s worth asking them how they can make that work if they’re based 30–40 miles away. If an operator can stay in your area on a particular day of travel, that would explain the quote; otherwise, you can ask a few more questions. 

It’s also worth asking how they would deal with emergencies or traffic on the day of travel. On occasion, unforeseen circumstances could affect planned journeys, so it’s essential to check how they would manage them.

If you’re a school canvassing for a coach hire contract out for the year, ask how the company can serve you or make distances work, especially if their quote is significantly lower than local providers. Even if school budgets are getting tighter, sometimes local and reliable service is worth paying extra.

Read Reviews

Coach hire services are not the same. Some choose whether or not to turn up for a job and can also let people down at the last minute for a more lucrative offer. Shocking but true. This is where reviews are so critical. When choosing an operator, take a few minutes to read customer feedback and investigate any negative reviews before deciding. Go through their entire website to check their business integrity.

The Right Coach Hire in Birmingham

If you’re searching for a coach hire, it’s best to deal with a reputable company. These types of companies offer competitive rates and will make sure you feel comfortable with them. Using the tips above will allow you to find the right coach company for your travel needs, ensuring that you will have a safe and pleasant journey.

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