Getting a day trip minibus hire is a convenient travel option whether you are travelling long distance, having a tour around a city, having a stag party, school trip, airport transfer, or any trip that requires the transport of a large group of people.

While it is an affordable and convenient travel option, several people may shy away from minibus hires as they may still associate it with the minibus travel from decades ago. 

Minibus travel used to be cramped, stuffy, and uncomfortable back then. However, the minibus travel businesses of today have come a long way. It is decades away from the older inconvenient system.

This article will be debunking some common misconceptions people have about minibus travel.

Is It Cramped and Uncomfortable?

Many people associate minibus travel with the older system of cramped, uncomfortable, and stuffy seats. However, modern minibuses are designed to be more comfortable.

You get enough legroom and space to stretch should you become restless. You won’t need to squash up against big bags during your ride as there is extra overhead space for you to put your baggage in.

Does It Take Longer to Have Long Distance Journeys?

This is commonly one of the biggest concerns of people regarding minibuses. They are afraid that they will have to spend more time in the minibuses as they will be moving slower than other vehicles out on the road.

Fortunately, this is far from the truth. While travelling by minibus indeed takes longer than by air, the journey will only take you the standard road travel time.

Before, minibuses may stop every nine hours to give the drivers time to rest before going back on the road. In modern chauffeur-driven minibuses, you will typically get two drivers on board who can take turns driving. They will always be ready and waiting for you to head on to your next destination.

Is There No Air-Conditioning in Minibuses?

There is no need to worry if you are afraid that you will not enjoy air-conditioning during the hot summer season. Modern minibuses are designed with air-conditioning to provide you with the maximum level of comfort.

There is no unpleasant “bus smell” either, as the modern minibuses are spotlessly clean and air-conditioned to ensure that they smell fresh for your trip.

You will feel cool and comfortable throughout the length of the journey. You will even be able to enjoy the views outside while you stay cool and cosy inside.

Is It More Expensive than a Small Vehicle Hire?

Many people may assume that minibus hires are more expensive and opt for cheaper small vehicle hires instead. However, if you book a minibus through a broker, you can get an affordable minibus hire. Besides the transport itself, you also get access to an experienced and dedicated driver who can ensure that you take the best routes to and from your destination.


Minibus travel has changed significantly in recent years to become one of the most convenient ways to travel in a small group. Getting a minibus hire is indeed a convenient travel option as it allows you to travel quickly and comfortably to your destination. You will not have any issues as long as you book through a reputable minibus hire.

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