Have you heard about the Northern Quarter? It is a creative hub in Manchester that boasts stunning and creative art pieces, along with various bars selling tasty craft beer and many other shops. Of course, Manchester has a lot more to offer than just the Northern Quarter.

If you’re reading this article today looking to understand what Manchester has to offer before paying a visit, here’s what you can expect from a trip there:

The Northern Quarter

Again, let’s talk about the Northern Quarter. This is a creative neighbourhood in the centre of Manchester that has some amazing artwork, including many mosaic pieces. The Northern Quarter is all about showing off local talent and creative pieces. You’ll find many local artists here, and some of them have tiny shops in which they sell their own creations.

The City

Manchester city centre is super easy to explore on foot, and you’ll find many different historical buildings that are pretty much unique to the entire UK. Some of the buildings are in quite a bad shape, but in general, the city centre doesn’t give a gloomy impression at all. The word “city” can be misleading because Manchester isn’t a big city. If you’re coming from a major city such as New York, it looks tiny.

The Skyline

The skyline is quite unusual, and some say it has a very industrial look to it. Most buildings here have a 1930s design, and in general, the skyline is not very tall. It is pretty interesting to take a walk around Manchester, and whenever you see a new building, you’ll naturally try to guess what era it belongs to.

The People

Manchester is like the rest of the UK. The people here are friendly, and they will be more than happy to help you if you ever need directions or even advice on what to do or where to eat.


Manchester is home to two football clubs—Manchester United and Manchester City. Both clubs have millions of fans all over the world, and it is safe to assume that you’ll see at least one Manchester United or Manchester City t-shirt while you’re in Manchester. Both clubs have experienced tremendous success in Premier League and have won many trophies, and you’ll definitely run into the fans of either team.

The Weather

Manchester is no Miami, but the weather isn’t really bad. It’s mild, and most people wear t-shirts and shorts. However, some people are wearing sweaters and jackets, which is quite common.

The Booze

Manchester is an alcoholic city. The institution that we all know as “the pub” is the most popular place in the city. The city is well-known for its beer, and many people love drinking here! Chances are you’ll end up buying a pint of beer even if you don’t like the taste. Of course, if you love beer, you’re in the right place!

The Club Scene

The nightlife in Manchester is actually very good, especially when talking about clubs. The clubs here are not as big as in other countries, but they’re well established, and many people go clubbing here.


Manchester is a fun place to visit. It’s not a major city and doesn’t have skyscrapers and gourmet food, but on the other hand, it is known for its art and culture. Some people wouldn’t think of Manchester as an exciting city, but the people and the vibe are awesome. It’s worth paying a visit because the best things to do in Manchester are free, and the whole city is an open-air museum.

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